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Katrina Vitale, a lifelong resident of Gloucester County, has a unique perspective on the role of an attorney in her clients’ lives. Katrina has been serving the legal needs of individuals in the Family Court and Surrogate Court for more than 12 years.

Her practice has been devoted, primarily, to family law and estates. Katrina possesses the experience and skill required to guide clients through the challenges of the legal system.

Katrina’s goal to be a competent lawyer emanates from her love of the law and her belief in the importance of advocating for the needs and rights of those she serves, especially children. Katrina’s knowledge of Family Law is exemplified in her practice and colors her perspective as she guides her clients through the divorce process. She has done work in setting new standards through litigation.

Katrina is also recognized in the area of Estate Planning and Estate Litigation. Her unique combination of the practices in Family Law and Estates offers clients expanded services such as Alimony Trusts and Life Insurance Trusts. This helps to protect present and future assets as may be appropriate for clients who have an interest in these services.

For more information about how Katrina can serve your legal interests, you may contact the Law Office at 856.845.5353 to schedule an initial consultation.

"Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice, and moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue."
        Barry Goldwater

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